Since 1981, we have produced an incredible variety of high-quality machines for our customers. This enables us to assess which systems are most appropriate as a solution.

case packer

Case Packing Machines

Fully automated case packing machines by Centreline Engineering. We are able to take product straight from the production line, fold, fill and tape a box without operator input. Due to the customisation of these machines we can design case packers to work with a wide range of cases and products.


Bottle Air Rinser

As requirements for quality assurance and hygiene increase, Our air rinser provides a reliable and automated means of ensuring bottles are clear of debris prior to filling.

mega packer

Packaging Equipment

There is a very broad range of shapes and sizes of product which require packaging. This is why we work with our customers to find the best possible solutions for packaging their products. There are many methods of placing product into boxes, however we strive to provide the best solution by drawing on our history of success and ingenuity.



Manual loading of bottles and containers onto a production line from pallets is a very labour intensive process. Our depalletisers process full pallets of bottles without any human intervention. The bottles are fed directly from the depalletiser onto the production line for filling. This machine has significant benefits in both labour reduction and hygiene by eliminating contact.

rotary table

Rotary Feeders

Rotary tables are an incredibly useful piece of equipment as they can perform many functions. Rotary tables may be used to sort product into single-file, orientate product in a specific direction and as a quality control mechanism to reject product which does not meet specification. These tables can be customised to handle a large range of product shapes and sizes.

Pentel Soap Diverter

Bespoke Equipment

We are often approached by customers with unique problems and we enjoy the process of creating novel solutions. If you have an area in your factory slowing down production or creating a hazard and you are unsure of how to fix it, please contact us. We would be glad to work with you on a solution.

U-shape conveyor wide


With our large range of belt suppliers we are able to offer fully customised conveyors for any application. Conveyors can be designed for any purpose ranging from super hygienic dairy conveyors through to high-speed magnetic conveyors. We often work with customers to determine production line layouts and conveyor sizing.

aussie platform


Permanent work platforms are very important for positioning equipment within factories and allowing access for operat ors.   Our platforms provide a safe elevated working area which is fully compliant with the Australian standards. We have experience building platforms for both food and dairy industries.

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